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To be the provider of choice for business training, people development and management support solutions that enable our clients to solve their problems, improve their performance and achieve their goals. To succeed, we must:

triangle-3.gif (839 bytes) Take a WIN/WIN/WIN Approach;
triangle-3.gif (839 bytes) Get to know our clients;
triangle-3.gif (839 bytes) Reach a mutual understanding of our client's
wants and needs;
triangle-3.gif (839 bytes) Develop strong partnerships based
on integrity, respect and trust;
triangle-3.gif (839 bytes) Deliver measurable solutions that meet or
exceed our client's expectations;
triangle-3.gif (839 bytes) Help clients achieve positive personal and
professional results and;
triangle-3.gif (839 bytes) Provide responsive, on-going support
to our clients.

We believe by consistently following our guiding principles, we will build a client-focused business that is profitable, fun to be associated with and one that creates lasting value and satisfaction for all.


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Results Management Canada Inc.
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