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Results Management Canada Inc.  provides business training and management support to organizational and individual clients. Our purpose is to help individuals and organizations measurably improve their effectiveness and productivity. 

The Results Management team is made up of seasoned professionals representing a cross section of diverse academic disciplines, recognized professional designations, an extensive accreditation process and significant hands-on expertise.

We attract people who have "earned their stripes" in the real world. We offer a demonstrated track record and are best qualified to coach others through the proven processes we use to help clients overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

When someone new joins our team, they participate in an intense orientation experience focused on learning how we can best help our clients achieve the measurable results they want.

Concurrently, new Associates are introduced to our "toolkit" consisting of over 100 diverse processes, programs and learning materials exclusive to our Canada-wide network of ok training and management support professionals.


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To ensure our people grow their skills and abilities, we create a development plan which includes their investing significant time and learning energy here in Waterloo and at our Mississauga-based resource centre. Associates benefit by learning from the many design professionals whose work we facilitate. Some of the notable Canadian and International providers include:

triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Acciss Inc.
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) BLMC Computer Based Training Programs
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Butler Learning Systems
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Career Management International
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Day-Timer
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) ICES Assessments Systems Inc.
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Management Development Services
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Management Development Systems
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Milestones Systems Inc.
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Parinello Incorporated
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Profiles International Inc.
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Rowan and Clarke Leadership Development
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Service Quality Institute
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) The Canadian Training & Development Group Inc.
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) Training Systems International
triangle-4.gif (56 bytes) ... and, of course, our own work!


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Once our people master the basics, they’re ready to tackle our rigorous certification process. Our multi-faceted approach includes a requirement to demonstrate process preparation and delivery expertise in a variety of training programs and processes. Concurrently, Associates are engaged in an extensive, graduated certification journey focusing on:

Level 1 - Individual Development Counseling;
Level 2 - Group Facilitation and;
Level 3 - Organizational Training and Development.

In a nutshell, our Associates develop the skills needed to walk the talk.


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Before starting the firm, our President, Len Luksa spent over fifteen years in progressively senior human resource leadership positions with Towers Perrin Inc. (an international human resource consulting firm), Canada Trust, and Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited.

Len is a long-standing member of the Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario (H.R.P.A.O), a chapter member of the Grand Valley Human Resources Professionals Association (G.V.H.R.P.A) and is a Certified Human Resources Professional (C.H.R.P). He is an accredited facilitator with numerous training program designers and has earned the Sales Professional Partner (SPP) designation from Butler Learning Systems.


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In his community, Len is an active member and avid supporter of the Chamber of Commerce of Kitchener and Waterloo, and is involved with various community services.

Len is an accomplished and passionate presenter who provides  keynote speeches for corporations, professional associations, educational institutions and community service groups.

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Please contact Len Luksa directly regarding putting your sales and people development abilities to work for us.


"Is Being Supported Important To You?"

Results Management Canada Inc.
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