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Our Win-Win-Win Approach 

At Results Management Canada Inc., experience taught us that before we can help clients achieve the outcomes they want, we need to clearly define the contributions and expectations between participants, their organizational sponsors and ourselves.

When each of us takes 100% responsibility for our contributions and expectations, we dramatically increase the odds of producing positive, lasting results. This is the foundation of the "Win-Win-Win Agreement" we develop when working with our clients. Itís simple, itís clear and Ö it works!

Participants Win ...  because they know exactly what they must give to the process and what they can expect to receive from both their organizational sponsor and from us. This clearly guides participants in applying their newly developed skills in productive, meaningful ways.

Organizations Win ...  because they clearly define the results expected from participants. Sponsors also know what they must give in terms of on-going coaching and support to the people they have sponsored. Sponsors benefit because they achieve their organizational goals of measurably improving their people's performance and satisfaction.

We Win ... because expectations and commitments are clearly spelled out for everybody. This makes it easier for us to fulfill our purpose of developing people so they improve their skills and effectiveness thus becoming more productive and happier contributors.

If we all deliver on our commitments, we all win!  If any one of us shirks our responsibilities, we all lose.  Hence our Win-Win-Win Agreement Contact Us!


"We Like Winning ...  Do You?"

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